The Dept of Justice Loan Modification Program Guidelines


As Forensic Securitization Mortgage Auditors, we are hired guns that produce reports for homeowners, like;

  1. File research reports for mortgage audits, TRO , LisPendens and mortgage federal complaints against  your bank for mortgage discrimination: Quite Claim Lawsuit.
  2. We file appeal reports for loan modification application, gets your denial; reviewed under the Department of Justice program guidelines.
  3. We produce underwater value reports to help establish your LTV Loan to Value Report.
  4. We produce DTI Debit to Income Reports, to show you are qualified for a loan modification claim with your bank.
  5. We Produce NPV Net Present Value Reports, best to have for your loan modification application, states your possible modification terms from the Department of Treasury.
  6. WE ARE HIRED GUNS, we are not a non profit like NACA or HOPE, we do not  work for FREE.  We Produce Reports, appeals and research reports for federal complaints by expert attorneys.

NEED HELP TO *STOP YOUR FORECLOSURE: CALL 310 309 7972   * Three trial payments required, upon bank approval.

HAMP.ME has results: during 2012-2015 filed complaints on behalf of homeowner’s (now friends) against; Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Chase, OCWEN, SPS, Greentree, DITEK, CITI and others.

Our immediate goal is:

  1. to get you a SPOC Special Point of Contact: not the collection department home retention agent with no name!
  2. to get assigned the SPOC by the Office of the President of your bank, in one day!
  3. to have full co-operation and real progress, by both the bank (trustee) and the homeowner every 15 days, until modified!
  4. to assist you with a qualified processor or forensic mortgage auditor, right now!
  5. to assist to pause your foreclosure via a federal agency complaint routed to your bank!
  6. once ALL your required documents are submitted to the bank’s loan modification department: your foreclosure will be paused, giving you time to work out a modification!
  7. if your previous modification was denied: file a appeal, to get your application reviewed for reconsideration based wrongful bank information and more!
  8. file an appeal or change of circumstances; to open your file for modification consideration!
  9. learn your loan modification rights before you file for a loan modification!
  10. if you are not ready for the above: you are procrastinating, and will loose your home!  IT’s that simple! 

Do not submit a application unless you plan to win! We will not waste your time, please do not waste ours!

No Fees Upfront Large

Has your bank & denied you a loan modification: We can help you.

We can assist you in filing a complaint against your bank, appeal a denial of your modification application.

Denied refinance:  We can help you. 

                                                           Have high interest and mortgage payment: We can help you. 

Modify your 1st-2nd-HELOC-Ballon: We can help you.

You are behind 2, 12, 24, 36 or 42 months: we can help you! We have been successful with all the above.

File a Complaint against  your bank, get your application re-evaluated: We can help you. 

Check your NPV value: Click here to see your Net Present Value, do you even know how to do this, 99% of bank employees and the public are included.         You can try here;

Ask yourself this question: If I don’t know how to file the bank refinance or MHA Loan Modification forms… can I expect apply for a successful Loan Modification?

HAMP.ME can help you: RIGHT NOW. Our Processors know all the forms and proper application procedures. Upon your complete documents submission: usually open a loan modification RMA application. A authorized third Party Agreement is needed for a pre-qualification screening, check if you qualify under the NEW January 10th, 2014 FINAL Rules. 

A Loss Mitigation Analysis will be recommended: to determine your LTV Loan to Value Report, DTI Debit to Income Ratio and possible proposed modification terms under the 2014 Final Rules. The Final Rules are the new federal watchdog Committee “CFPB” operating guidelines overseeing the banks as a final result of Department of Justice and 49 States Attorney Generals 2012-2014 mortgage fraud violations and U.S Court judgment’s.

LOSS MITIGATION REPORT Final WS Artwork LMR 3 14 13 pg 2Watermark index  COVER PAGE

No Fees X Large

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My name is Roy Jimenez doroy 1

Senior Case Manager

Loss Mitigation 

Think of me as a Slayer, armed with holy water, silver billets and Sharpe wooden sticks: I do not Give UP! Think about it, have you been denied?


 I  will give you a unique solution on your modification chances: 

Simply the truth:  “the good… the bad… and the ugly of your mortgage”

– just the truth!

I work directly with Mortgage Brokers, Law Firms, mortgage processors, direct bank mediation together with your bank loan modification department.

You must make a claim to qualify, in time: if you were previously denied a loan modification during 2012-2015: YOU CAN REAPPLY UNDER THE CFPB Consumer Finance Protection Bureau “FINAL RULES” , part of the DOJ Department of Justice 49 States Attorney Generals Settlement agreement with BoA, Wells Fargo, Chase, CITI, Ally & updated 2015 Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac modification rules: all together under  the MHA Making Home Affordable, HUD and Department of Treasury 2014 guidelines.

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For how to fight a denial for loan modification: “What’s my rights”

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